WAPDA LMS - Litigation Management System

WAPDA Litigation Management System

WAPDA Litigation Department is working since the inception of WAPDA. Law Division is facilitating WAPDA in all legal aspects airse nation wide and internationally. WAPDA Law Division is representing WAPDA significanly at multiple forums.

WAPDA Law Division is dealing with more than 3000 cases in various courts.Law Division is dealing with Supreme Courts, Civil Courts, District and session Courts, High Courts etc.

The Software is develped to automate the processes of Legal Department. The Software has ability to manage the cases and generate reports in no time. The Software is user-friendly, flexible and portable to fasten up the tiresome tasks of Law Division.

The Software is managing all the relevant data of Legal Management System. It is providing timely information

  • Cases
  • Courts
  • Departments
  • Counsels